Client's Responsibility

- If TNR staff is not on site agree to and sign the Liability, Rental Agreement and Waiver forms.

- Have adult(s) (19+) to operate the inflatables. (TNR operators available at $20/hr per person)

- Be within 100 feet of an outlet per unit.


Payment can be made via:

- E-transfer to

- Check in person or mailed to Po Box 930 Penticton BC, Canada V2A 6J9

- Cash

- Credit Card using square payment.


Reservations for the Inflatables can be made one month in advance with a 25% of total deposit.

Reservations for Hiking Gear can be made up to one month in advance with a down payment of the first day’s cost of the equipment ($100 per each set of gear). Those reservations not picked up at the scheduled pick-up time are subject to a cancellation fee equal to the first day’s rental cost. 


Cancellations less than 48 hours before the scheduled pick-up time are subject to a cancellation fee equal to one day’s rental. 

Pick up or drop off time: 

Varies between clients to accommodate schedules.  

Late Return

An agreement will be made by a TNR representative and the renter/user for the time the equipment will be returned. Rentals returned late will be charged the first day’s rate for each day late. After a week the damage deposit will be kept. 

Damage Deposit

A damage deposit for the Hiking Gear will be collected at the time of rental pick-up totalling the full retail value of all equipment rented (can be payed by cash, visa, master card or e-transfer). It will be returned after the equipment has been assessed and approved by a TNR representative.

Damaged / Dirty / Lost Policy

If rental equipment is returned in damaged or dirty condition, the renter will be responsible for cleaning and repair costs. Shop rate will be charged ($40/hr, 1 Hr. Minimum), plus any parts and materials for cleaning or repair. Replacement cost for lost, stolen or destroyed rental equipment is full retail value.

- Noted Gear Guidelines - 

Sleeping bag

Do not use outside of a tent - Must use provided liner. 

Mess/cooking kit

Do not place lids or bowls in campfire as they will melt.  


Last Term: 

Have a blast!