Client's Responsibility

- If TNR staff is not on site agree to and sign the Liability, Rental Agreement and Waiver forms.

- Have adult(s) (19+) to operate the inflatables. (TNR operators available at $20/hr per person)

- Be within 100 feet of an outlet.  (TNR generator available for $25) 


All Rental charges must be paid for in full before or at the time of pick-up as well as a signed waiver releasing True North Rentals from liability. Payment can be made with Credit Card using square payment (Below). Valid photo identification (Driver’s license or passport) must be shown for all rentals. 


Reservations for the Inflatables can be made one month in advance with a $100 deposit.

Reservations for Hiking Gear can be made up to one month in advance with a down payment of the first day’s cost of the equipment ($100 per each set of gear). Those reservations not picked up at the scheduled pick-up time are subject to a cancellation fee equal to the first day’s rental cost. 


Cancellations less than 48 hours before the scheduled pick-up time are subject to a cancellation fee equal to one day’s rental. 

Pick up or drop off time: 

Varies between clients to accommodate schedules.  

Late Return

An agreement will be made by a TNR representative and the renter/user for the time the equipment will be returned. Rentals returned late will be charged the first day’s rate for each day late. After a week the damage deposit will be kept. 

Damage Deposit

A damage deposit for the Hiking Gear will be collected at the time of rental pick-up totalling the full retail value of all equipment rented (can be payed by cash, visa, master card or e-transfer). It will be returned after the equipment has been assessed and approved by a TNR representative.

Damaged / Dirty / Lost Policy

If rental equipment is returned in damaged or dirty condition, the renter will be responsible for cleaning and repair costs. Shop rate will be charged ($35/hr, 1 Hr. Minimum), plus any parts and materials for cleaning or repair. Replacement cost for lost, stolen or destroyed rental equipment is full retail value.

- Noted Gear Guidelines - 

Sleeping bag

Do not use outside of a tent - Must use provided liner. 

Mess/cooking kit

Do not place lids or bowls in campfire as they will melt.  


Last Term: 

Have a blast!